Bipoactive DE


BIPOACTIVE DE dyes are bi-functional dyes which are usually preferred for exhaust dyeing due to their better affinity and fixation properties. Bi-functional dyes can also be more conveniently grouped in special trichromatically compatible groups depending on the desired properties like light fastness, perspiration-light fastness, high exhaustion/fixation, deep-very deep shades etc. It should be noted that though ‘DE’ dyes have been basically designed for exhaust dyeing, many of these are also well suited to exhaust dyeing, continuous (Pad-steam), semi-continuous methods (Silicate pad batch) and printing methods.

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DE-LF Series

pale shades

Great in achieving great light fastness for pale shades

Yellow De-LF
Blue DE-LF(R)
Dark Blue DE-LF


medium to deep

Trichromatic series for medium shades

Yellow DE-SR
Red DE-S2B
Navy Blue DE-S2R
Navy Blue DE-S2G


deep to very deep

Trichromatic series for deep to very deep shades

Orange DE-SF
Scarlet DE-SF
Rubine DE-SF
Navy Blue DE-SF (G)
Navy Blue DE-SF

DE-BF Series

deep shade

High fixation Trichromatic series for medium to deep shades

Yellow DE-BF Conc.
Red DE-BF Conc.
Navy Blue DE-BF Conc.

DE Series

assisting color

Complementary dyes to achieve special quality of colors.

Golden Yellow DE NPT
Brilliant Orange DE-RL
Brilliant Scarlet DE-2R
Red DE-2GF

DE-S Series

Deep black

Adding a new dimension of deep pure black

Black DE-G(P)
Black DE-R(P)
Black DE-WND
Black DE-XF

DE-S Series

liquid black

Adding new dimension of deep pure black in liquid form

Black CE-Liquid
Black DEN-Liquid
Black KN-Liquid+
Black BN-Liquid

DE Series

conventional color

Essential colors for exhaust dyeing

Lemon Yellow DE-5GL
Yellow DE-3GL
Yellow RBN
Orange DE-2RL
Blue DE-NF
Navy Blue DE-3GS