Established in 1987 by producing optical brightening agents for white fabric in a factory located in Tangerang, Indonesia, BIPORIN expanded its business within five years, to manufacture reactive dyestuffs, BIPOACTIVE, for natural, which now become the main product BIPORIN most associated with.

In 1998, BIPORIN complemented its product range with BIPOARON, a line disperse dyes for polyesters and nylons. Soon the range is expanded with acid dyestuffs, BIPOACID, for nature protein-fibre based fabrics and other auxiliary chemicals for textile production.

With BIPORIN’s innovative and uncompromising high standards of manufacturing, the company gain its reputation as the one which provides excellent, efficient yet sensible priced textile dyestuffs and chemical products and services caters beyond Indonesia’s local market to all over the world such as EU and East Europe, Turkey, West Asia, Japan, China, SE-Asia,Africa, S. Asia etc.

Now the company has grown into a 200 people strong company with maufacturing facilities equipped with three medium capacities and two large capacities spray dryers, producing 6000 metric tonnes of dyestuff products per year. The marketing and distribution arm itself backed with trusted trading companies with extensive market networks all over the world.

In 2014, armed with extensive background in producing textile dyes, BIPORIN will introduce its innovative and ground breaking range of textile ink for high yields inkjet printers, ECOINK.

In many years to come, BIPORIN, with its values and philoshopies. is committed to continue delivering many more innovations and excellent textile production chemical products.